Urban Play Amsterdam

Urban Play at the ExperimentaDesign Biennale, exploring the playful potential of urban Amsterdam

In 2008, Rebar participated in the Urban Play exhibition, as part of the ExperimentaDesign Biennale in Amsterdam. The goal of the exhibition was to showcase contemporary methods and tactics artists and designers deploy to explore the city infrastructure as an opportunity for experimentation, play and open-source urban design.

Our contribution to the exhibition was Bushwaffle – modular inflatable street furniture that softens the hard, angular urban environment and provides opportunities for informal social interaction and collaborative architectural improvisation.

In addition to the exhibition, Rebar participated in an “Open Talk” roundtable discussion on the role of the artist and design as an agent of social and cultural activism.

  • Date: September 2008
  • Client: Droog Design
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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