The Gemscape

The Gemscape is a series of brightly colored, interactive modules that can be stacked, climbed upon and rearranged to create an ever-changing playscape for that invites collaboration and ignites the imagination. The larger modules may require more than one child to move, creating the opportunity collaborate with other kids and catalyzing new informal social interactions. Made from a high-quality polyurea plastic that encases a custom-design substructure, Gemscape modules are durable, safe and fun for children ages 3 to 103.

Based upon our Kaleidscape project for the Berkeley Art Museum, the Gemscape was funded by PLAY 60, Play On, an initiative presented by 50 Fund and the NFL Foundation, in celebration of the 2016 Super Bowl.  We also had the good fortune to collaborate with our friends at the Flux Foundation, who were the fiscal sponsor for the project, as well as extraordinary public artists in their own right.

The Gemscape was unleashed at a free, all-day public event on the Mandela Parkway near 14th Street, in west Oakland, California, on Saturday January 23, 2016. The following week, in appeared at the Oakland Public Design Fair, produced by the innovative folks at Our City.


  • Date: January 2016
  • Client: 50 Fund/NFL Foundation
  • Location: West Oakland, CA

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