Juicecycle runs on muscle power, collaboration and a desire for juice.

Juicecycle is a human powered vehicle that uses the community building potential of bicycles to create an instant community around the harvesting and juicing of local produce. Commission by the San Jose Museum of Art for its Retro-Tech exhibition and produced in Collaboration with Rock the Bike, the prototype features a sleek, towable hopper for collecting back yard produce (which is still found in abundance in the remnant orchards around San Jose’s Santa Clara Valley). The hopper lifts to reveal a drivetrain that attaches to three bicycles. The vehicle then becomes a gathering place for people to enjoy fruits and vegetables that might not otherwise be consumed. As participants aggregate around the contraption and begin to pedal, tasty juice is produced for all to enjoy — provided by an extremely modified Champion Juicer. The result? An instant, temporary community of taste in suburban public space.

In the tradition of Rebar’s experimental vehicles, Juicecycle runs on muscle power, community and a desire for fresh juice.

  • Date: July 2010 - February 2011
  • Client: San Jose Museum of Art
  • Location: San Jose, CA

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