Burrows Street Pocket Park

The Burrows Street Pocket Park is a small public park adjacent to the San Bruno Avenue shopping district in the Portola neighborhood of San Francisco. Commissioned by Architecture for Humanity, with support from the Lincoln Motor Company and Architectural Digest, the Park enlivens a sliver of  a busy commercial district by offering a site for community gatherings and a place for visitors to sit, relax and enjoy the passing street life.

We designed two key elements of the Park, the “ribbon” bench and table system that runs along the wall of a private building, and a custom gate and integrated bench enclosing private space in the rear corner of the park.

By activating this niche within the urban ecosystem, we hope to remind visitors that the even the smallest fragments of our city can be converted into successful social and cultural spaces, enriching our experience of community, neighborhood and the social ecology of the street. The Burrows Street Pocket Park was fabricated by Engineered Artworks.


  • Tags: ART, DESIGN
  • Date: 2014
  • Client: Architecture for Humanity
  • Location: San Francisco, CA

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