Modular, inflatable social furniture

Bubbleware (originally called “Bubbleway” in Australia) is a modular, inflatable social furniture system conceived and designed by Rebar and curated by Justine Topfer and Amanda Sharad for Laneways 2011. Utilizing an inflatable system enclosed in a brightly colored ripstop nylon skin, Bubbleware create a fun and inviting place to relax and play. Bubbleware are made in San Francisco in by messenger bag company Timbuk2 and come in 5 different shapes and sizes. Modules can be reconfigured and adapted to support a variety of uses from chill lounge spaces to festival furniture. Bubbleware was created to enhance public space, and to support new forms of informal social interactions and play.

Bubbleware is a Rebar project.

  • Date: 2011
  • Client: City of Sydney, Australia
  • Location: Sydney Art + About Festival

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