Against All Odds

An exhibition of Art, Aesthetics and Ethics during a time of social unrest.

In the context of large public protests that followed the collapse of the Greek economy, Matthew Passmore and Rebar Designer Teresa Aguilera traveled to Athens to participate in the Against All Odds project, a series of exhibitions and symposia that explore the capabilities of art in advancing ethical aims. On display at the venerable Benaki Museum, among a variety of American and European artists and activists was a video of the PARKcycle – a pedal-powered public park that playfully engages questions of automobile infrastructure, access to green space and mobility.

We also set up a “Nappening” – a sleep-based happening we invented during Commonspace, which provides free, safe and relaxing public nap space for museum visitors and protestors inside the museum gallery. After our lecture on the second day of the symposium, we joined the protestors in Syntagma Square, where we witnessed the application of aesthetics and ethics to the pressing economic problems of the day.

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