Sound and the City

An exhibition exploring how we relate to the sounds of the urban environment.

Stanford Social Furniture Workshops

A series of prototyping workshops exploring social furniture options for the Anderson Collection museum at Stanford University.

Telegraph District Art Plan

A plan for art along a famous and storied urban corridor in Berkeley, California.

The Gemscape

A colorful system of outdoor modules designed for fun, collaboration and play.



A monumental sculpture of repurposed railroad track and steel marks the entrance to a new light rail station.

Urbanauts: Custom

A wall in the home of a generous charity auction winner is adorned with a custom Urbanauts sculpture



A Gigantic play experience redefines a complicated neighborhood icon at the Hunters Point Shipyard.



A wind-powered object of reflection.


A gate & rail system that is also a meditation on the threshold of home.

Burrows Street Pocket Park

A ribbon bench and table system activate a new pocket park in a busy commercial district of San Francisco.



A playful re-imagining of the pedestrian traffic signal creates a meditation on community symbolism.

Groove Grove

Giant groovy bean bag modules create a dynamic and interactive group listening experience at the Vinyl exhibition.


An exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California exploring the cultural meaning and social experience of vinyl records.


An artist fellowship at the de Young Museum exploring, mapping and examining the meaning of hidden urban infrastructure.

Channel Island Nest Modules

Ceramic nest modules for threatened seabird habitat in Channel Islands National Park.

Yelp Sip-nic

Inflatable furniture and colorful surface treatments soften hard ground and bring people together at Yelp’s annual Sip-nic event.

Latham Square Pilot Plaza

A temporary pilot plaza and cultural programming platform in the heart of downtown Oakland.

Design Cycle: Urban Prototyping

Exploring the contemporary phenomenon of Urban Prototyping with Matthew Passmore.


An inhabitable, interactive sculpture and a human-scale kaleidoscope in the main atrium of the Berkeley Art Museum.

Urban Prototyping Festival

A global movement exploring how rapidly-prototyped design, art and technology can improve cities.

Nomadic Grove

An experimental landscape exploring the tension between stability and movement.


Modular, inflatable social furniture softens the urban experience of Sydney.

Against All Odds

An exhibition of Art, Aesthetics and Ethics during a time of social unrest in Athens, Greece.


Exploring public transportation as a rich and programmable public space.


A prototype modular mini-park in the parking lane that helped launch the parklet movement.

Año Nuevo Island Habitat Restoration

Designing habitat for a seabird in need, on one of the few islands off the coast of California.

Urban Play Amsterdam

Inflatable modular furniture as an instrument for exploring the playful potential of urban Amsterdam.


Juicecycle runs on muscle power, collaboration and a strong desire for fresh juice.

Blades of Grass

Storming Paris with mobile metaphorical bike-powered park infrastructure.


An experimental program series that maps, explores and redefines a novel kind of urban territory: privately owned public spaces.

PARK(ing) Day

An annual celebration of the creative and cultural potential of the metered parking space.


The world’s first pedal-powered public park.

Street Life


Parking meters grow improbably tall!

Venice Biennale

Double-billed at the world’s most famous architecture exhibition.


Inflatable social furniture to soften any hard urban landscape.


Art gallery walls are a precious resource, ready to be processed, canned and sold as a commodity.


The intervention that launched PARK(ing) Day. Valuable urban real estate, reprogrammed for creative and cultural value.

Cabinet National Library

A semi-monumental repository for Cabinet magazine’s organizing documents.